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If you focus on problems you will always find them.

Silvia Hartmann, founder of the AMT, says that only 25% of Modern Energy work needs to focus on what is wrong, the other whopping 75% is about creating and reinforcing the positive. This is not the same as the power of positive thinking or using affirmations. It’s a completely revolutionary approach to EFT.

Positive EFT is like a tonic for your energy system, vital for building resilience and emotional health. It is essential for depleted energy systems and treating conditions such as childhood developmental trauma. Clinical EFT is like surgery and is vital when necessary, but it too is enhanced by a healthy energy system. Positive EFT is also the method of choice for performance enhancement in any field.

Human Beings are capable of creating almost two billion new neural pathways per second. If you forged two billion positive neural pathways per second who you would you be?


Become an Accredited Practioner with the AMT (Association for Meridian Therapies)

In this course you will develop the skills and acquire the tools necessary to become a competent EFT practitioner. Particularly relevant for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, welfare workers and allied health workers who want to relieve the felt sense of emotional burden for their clients. In this course you will learn where EFT and traditional psychotherapeutic work intersect and where they diverge. You will be introduced to the uses of Positive EFT for working safely with clients with chronic trauma and childhood developmental trauma and how to use it to unleash excellence in performance.

This course includes one year of professional mentoring by Karen Corbett.