If I told patients to raise their blood levels of immune globulins or killer Tcells [cells that strengthen our immunity], no-one would know how. But if I can teach them how to love themselves and others fully, the same change happens automatically. The truth is; Love heals.

Bernie Siegel, MD, Love Medicine & Miracles

A bit about how it works.

Traumatic experiences and memories register not only in our conscious and unconscious minds but also in our bodies as muscle memory and as knots, or blockages in our body’s electromagnetic field.

When EFT releases the trauma that resides in our memories it also releases the trauma that lives in our muscles and the body’s electromagnetic field. We have all experienced events of great stress where our muscles have tightened involuntarily. When such a stressful event is triggered again our muscles react exactly as they did the first time, causing headaches or stomach pain etc.
Just as athletes rely on training their muscles to remember how to jump hurdles, or dancers train their muscles to effortlessly turn and glide without having to consciously think about it, so trauma can also train our muscles in ways that cause us pain.

With EFT we first eliminate the trauma lodged in our conscious and unconscious minds and from our muscles. Then we retrain our muscle memory so that our muscles no longer react to that stressful event, or situations that remind us of the event. Once that is done we cease to have the physical pain that accompanied the memory.

Although Energy Medicine is still relatively new, we have learnt that when a person experiences a trauma the actual distress is held, frozen, in our electromagnetic field. Until we clear trauma from our electromagnetic field we will be at the mercy of the distress that is lodged there and is triggered along with muscle memory. When the blockages in our muscles and electromagnetic system are cleared there is an accompanying cognitive shift, similar to a psychotherapy or counselling session. This is why EFT is so effective for emotional and psychological distress.

After working with EFT we still retain the memory visually and consciously, but it no longer holds the emotional pain, nor does it control our body’s muscle response because EFT has un-coupled the memory from our physical and energetic systems. This leaves us free to remember events and people that were previously pain-filled, without experiencing the pain physically or emotionally.

Psychology and counselling help us to get a conceptual handle on traumatic events and provide us with tools to link our thoughts and our emotions so that we can gradually learn ways of thinking that are healthier and more life affirming.

What Psychology and counselling can’t do is to clear muscle memory and electromagnetic blockages in our energy field. EFT can do this AND it offers similar cognitive shifts. While EFT is not the same as psychotherapy, psychology or counselling, it complements and enhances these modalities very well, and often achieves similar or better healing. However it is my observation that good EFT, like good psychological therapy, enhances one’s life.

Scientific Evidence – EFT Universe.com

This site documents many scientific studies and clinical trials demonstrating EFT’s effectiveness in treating a range of physical, emotional and psychological ailments, just go to the website:
http://www.eftuniverse.com website EFT Research and Science section

Below is a list of some of the Clinical Research Studies on EFT:

Wells, Steven, et. al. (2003). Evaluation of a meridian-based intervention, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), for reducing specific phobias of small animals. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 59 (9), p.943.

The subjects had been clinically diagnosed as having a phobia to small animals, snakes, mice, bats and, spiders.

They measured the strength of the participants’ phobias before and after the study.

They measured the pulse to see the extent to which it rose when the individual contemplated the feared object. They measured the number of steps the individual could take toward the feared animal. The participants were given written stress questionnaires.

The subjects in the experimental group received a 30-minute explanation of the method and one brief session of EFT. The subjects were then put through the same tests.

On every measure, the subjects fear dropped dramatically. Some were able to walk right up to the animals that had previously caused them such crippling fear and anxiety. At the six month follow up study the subjects still had a much lower rate of phobic reaction to the object of their fear.

The study above was replicated and extended by a research team led by Harvey Baker of New York’s Queens College in:
Baker, H., Siegel, L. (2005). Can a 45-minute session of EFT lead to a reduction of intense fear of rats, spiders and water bugs? Reported at ACEP Convention, Baltimore, MD. Paper submitted for publication.

Rowe, Jack (2005, September). The effects of EFT on long-term psychological symptoms. Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal, 2 (3), p. 104.

Kober, A., et. al. (2002) Pre-hospital analgesia with acupressure in victims of minor trauma: A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 95 (3), p. 723

Feinstein, David. (2008) Energy Psychology: a review of the preliminary evidence. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training. 45 (2), p. 199-213.

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