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About Karen

Karen has lived a rich and interesting life that informs her EFT practice. It was her personal experience of the benefits of EFT that lead Karen to train as a practitioner.

Karen is an award winning playwright, author and facilitator of dream journaling and writing therapy groups. She lectured in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne for many years but suffered severe cardiomyopathy in late 2007. After several heart surgeries Karen was told she would never be able to work again. To her cardiologist’s amazement, Karen’s heart has improved to the point where she is well enough to reduce her medication to a quarter of the original dose since working with EFT. Karen is now offering the benefits of EFT to others.

Skill makes the difference.

I am a certified practitioner with ‘EFT Universe’, the organisation that has satisfied the clinical standards and requirements for approval by the American Psychological Association in 2012 (as yet there are insufficient clinical trials in Australia to meet the requirements for similar approval in Australia).

As a trained practitioner I understand and use EFT in such a way as to make a measurable improvement, if not I will refund your money.

What to expect.

The first appointment may take up to an hour and a quarter while regular sessions run between 50 and 60 minutes. When you come for your session we will begin by talking about the issue you want to work on. I will explain how EFT works and show you the acupressure points, as you will do the physical work on yourself, while I demonstrate and guide you through the session. We then combine tapping on the acupressure points with phrases we agree upon from our initial discussion of the issue. As you follow me in the tapping procedure you learn how to use EFT for yourself. I may give you ‘tapping homework’ to do before our next session. Teaching you how to treat yourself reduces the number of appointments you will need, gives you a method to manage your own stress, and enables you to effectively maintain your own emotional and mental health when dealing with the challenges of living in the 21st Century. EFT consultations are confidential, just like consultations with a psychologist. EFT compliments conventional talk therapies because it reduces the emotional charge around issues, which results in clearer thinking, and this is one reason that psychologists refer clients to me. If the issue is too traumatic to recall, there are certain techniques that can help reduce the trauma, without having to remember it. I have worked successfully with clients to release anxiety and distress without ever being told the details, or even the theme of their distress.

Sometimes EFT produces quick and permanent change, and these are the spectacular results that have brought EFT to the attention of the world. Usually however, serious and long-standing problems from childhood take time to work through, and a number of sessions are required. After our first meeting I will give you a rough idea of the number of sessions I think you will need. In some instances I may refer you to another practitioner if I feel they are more suited to work with your issues.

Please call to make an appointment,
0425 787 676


I cannot thank Karen Corbett and EFT enough for helping me to recover both my physical health and gain control of the buried emotions that have hi-jacked my health for years. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease as part of a general IBS. I was prescribed digestive enzymes and a change of diet by my doctor, which went a long way to addressing the pain and bloating and even the allergies I had experienced more or less for the past 25 years. However, from time to time, I continued to experience a ‘tight stomach’ often accompanied by free-floating anxiety. I never knew whether the ‘tight stomach’ triggered the anxiety or vice versa. And for many years, I didn’t link either of those two symptoms.

Karen’s work with me began with the physical symptom, that ‘tight stomach’, but she very cleverly began to uncover underlying buried emotions (buried in my stomach, my point of tension), which triggered this physical symptom. Each session with Karen made a huge improvement in both my physical health and emotional health. And best of all, it was a gentle therapy which in no way left me traumatised as we peeled back layers of life starting with childhood traumatic experiences which contributed even as a 10 year old to the ‘tight stomach’ phenomenon.

We had several sessions together to ensure that we had addressed all of the triggers, but Karen taught me how to tap by myself so that I didn’t have to rely on her. And I did this, especially with my high levels of anxiety. But I sought out sessions with Karen, as she ”knows exactly where to go and what to say’. She is able to uncover quickly the past or present event that triggers a bout of anxiety or IBS. In the end, working with Karen saved many hours of working on my own. And Karen always left me with a positive message to ‘tap in.’
I have my life back. My IBS under control. My anxiety is gone. And I know where to go and what to do should any of this return. Karen and EFT have made such a positive difference to my life.